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Pupil Aspire is no longer available
We regret that it has been necessary for us to close down the Pupil Aspire service

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What was Pupil Aspire?

Pupil Aspire was a groundbreaking approach to capturing the pupil, family and school perspectives by adopting a solution focused, structured conversation.

It put the pupil at the heart of the process, ensuring that they were actively involved in identifying and designing the interventions to support them.

Designed around a simple graphical scale Pupil Aspire encouraged young people to focus on what they could achieve rather than on the presenting difficulties.

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So why did we shut it down?

Pupil Aspire operated for over three years and in that time hundreds of 'Sessions' took place in schools across the UK.

Unfortunately the continued focus on pure academic progress by Ofsted and the DfE as the only measure of school success has led to a a declining focus on SEND in general and, regrettably, on the benefits of supporting struggling pupils in this holistic way.

We continue to promote systemic, solution focused solutions through our psychological practice - FocusPsychology

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About our company

Pupil Aspire was conceived, designed and developed by FocusChange Ltd, we continue to actively support schools through our educational psychology practice, FocusPsychology

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